New relationships begin...

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Pinneberg Jiaxing
2013 2013
2012 - Rockville Memorial Day Parade

Every year, Rockville receives a memorial wreath from the citizens of Pinneberg

Pre-parade gathering - Steve Fisher (red shirt), Liz von Kaenel (in German dress), and Bing Huang (far right) talk with participants from the Rockville Asian community

George Albrecht and Liz von Kaenel carry the RSCC banner

Bing Huang helps carry the banner for the CCACC

2012 2012

The Finest is going to Pinneberg!

Visitors from Pinneberg

November 2 and 3, 2012 - Rockville hosted another delegation from Jiaxing to attend the 2012 Rockville Summit.

Friendship Garden

Pinneberg students from the Theodor Heuss Schule

Students' Farewell

Our gracious donors

Celebrating German-American Day


US elections are of interest to the folks in Pinneberg

Dinner for our guests at The Potomac Grill in Rockville


We hope our guests from Jiaxing did not go away hungry!

2011 2011

RSCC member Tim Nixon discusses our Pinneberg relationship with a visitor at the World Of Montgomery Festival (WOMF) - 2010.  

Jim McConkey, Brigitta Mullican, Liz von Kaenel and Tim Nixon man the RSCC booth at the World of Montgomery Festival 

Dim Sum Luncheon

Bing Huang demonstrates Chinese calligraphy in the RSCC booth at the World Of Montgomery Festival. 

Fall Wine Tasting Event



A delegation from Pinneberg visits Rockville to celebrate Rockville's 150th Anniversary

Now, who doesn't like cake??

Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio (L) accepts a photo of "The Rockville Rose", specially cultivated in honor of the occasion, from Pinneberg Bürgermeisterin Kristin Alheit.

Mayor Alheit's son presents a silver-plated rose as part of the commemoration.

October - Young clarinetists from Pinneberg visit Rockville

Brigitta Mullican and Jim McConkey(striped shirt) with the young musicians at Glenview Mansion


Montgomery County partakes in the Sister City program also.


Some younger visitors at WOMF

Many cultures and costumes are found at WOMF

Overview of the WOMF venue




A "Friendly Relations Agreement" was drafted and agreed to by both city administrations. A six-member delegation was sent from Jiaxing to sign the Agreement in Rockville’s decorated Town Square pavilion on September 14, 2009.  Mayor Susan Hoffman signs the agreement.


2008 - RSCC/Rockville Wine Tasting

RSCC President Jim McConkey explains the Sister City Program, while Jerol Briggs takes an application from a new member

Liz von Kaenel puts finishing touches on the buffet line

Bob and Holly Meyer enjoy the ambiance of the Glenview Mansion venue

Rotraut Bockstahler has some information for the participants

Betsy Thompson of Rockville's City Government and guest Penny Scully discuss the event.

Rotraut Bockstahler, Stephanie Wright and David L'Heureux enjoy a moment together

Mayor Susan Hoffmann reads a city proclamation to David L'Heureux

Enjoying the marvelous buffet

2007 - 50th Sister Cities Anniversary Celebrations in Pinneberg

RSCC President Rotraut Bockstahler and DAGRP President Berndt Hinrichs unveil an anniversary banner at the 50th Anniversary Jubilee Ball in Pinneberg.

Pinneberg Mayor Horst-Werner Nitt was the "Grand Poobah" for the evening's activities; observing is Rockville Mayor Larry Giammo.

Brigitta Mullican (L) with former DAGRP President, Hans Georg Beplat and his wife Renate.

Herr und Frau Templemann (L) and Herr und Frau Hoffmann (R) enjoy the festivities at the Cap Polonio restaurant.

RSCC members Stephanie & Tom Curtis (L), Janice Solomon (R), and Trish Gallalee enjoy the hospitality of our Pinneberg hosts.

Bürgermeister Nitt presents Mayor Giammo with Pinneberg Roses from "The City of Roses".

A toast to our two cities.  (L-R) Councilmember Susan Hoffman, Mayors Nitt and Giammo, Councilmember Bob Dorsey.

Social at the Pinneberg Luftwaffe Kaserne.  (L-R)  Larry & Rotraut Bockstahler, Jürgen & Margrit Ziegler (DAGRP), Tom McKenna, Renate Beplat (DAGRP).

Special thanks to Hans-Georg Beplat for the purloined photos and information from his exquisite work "Chronik 1957-2007 Pinneberg-Rockville" produced to commemorate the 50th Sister City Anniversary in Pinneberg.