Into a new millennium....

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2006 - RSCC/Rockville Fall Wine Tasting

Red wine tastings are not allowed at the Mansion, so our alternate venue was the Rockville Senior Center.  Here, --- acts as sommelier (and de facto aquarium guard!)

RSCC member Joan Savage helps at the wine table

Guests enjoy the buffet

Our favorite caterer, Liz von Kaenel




Sep 2004 - RSCC volunteers run the beer & soda concessions at Rockville's "Chili Fest" (L-R) Joe Batz, Rotraut Bockstahler, Steve Fisher

"Taking home our cut" - Verna Murphy, Steve Fisher (RSCC Treasurer at the time), and Joe Batz




October 1999 - Pinneberg Glee Club Visits Rockville

A full and interesting schedule awaited our visitors

The Glee Club performs at Glenview Mansion

Awaiting the scenic bus tour to Front Royal, the Shenandoah Mountains, and a wine tasting in Virginia

Our dinner was a Western B-B-Q theme night, held at the Rockville Senior Center

The Glee Club performs again at Western Night

A special "sea-shanty" performance

1997 - 40th Anniversary

In April, forty people from Rockville visit Pinneberg to celebrate 40 years of partnership.  Mayor Rose Krasnow leads the delegation, which includes City Manager Rick Kuckkahn, Councilmen Bob Dorsey, Jim Marrinan and Bob Wright, representatives of the City, and of the RSCC, led by President David L’Heureux.  Activities include a formal welcoming at the Rathaus, a Ball in the Drostei and tours of the local area, including visits to Hamburg and Berlin.

Seventeen members of the Pinneberg city government, led by Bürgermeister Horst-Werner Nitt, his wife and two sons, visit Rockville in May.  Among the activities are night baseball at Camden Yards, participation in Memorial Day activities,  Rockville Hometown Holidays, and Country-Western Dancing.  The trip is extensively covered by the Pinneberger Tageblatt newspaper by reporter Astrid Sievert, who uses “hi-tech” methods to file immediate reports for “next day” coverage in Pinneberg.

A second delegation of 20 people arrives from Pinneberg in Rockville.  Seventeen new and old friends from Pinneberg and the surrounding area, led by Deputy Mayor Herbert Hoffmann, visited Rockville from October 8-14.  A full schedule of events was planned during their visit, beginning with a welcome reception hosted by Mayor Krasnow and the City Council Members at City Hall.  Highlights of the visit included a trip to the Maritime Museum at St Michaels, MD, brunch at the Naval Officers' Club in Bethesda, a special afternoon concert by the Rockville Concert Band at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Center, and a Country-Western Night at the Senior Center.  Hosts and their guests planned individual excursions during allotted free time and those experiences were as varied and interesting as can be imagined in the DC area.


Special thanks to Hans Georg Beplat for the purloined photos and information from his exquisite work "Chronik 1957-2007 Pinneberg-Rockville" produced to commemorate the 50th Sister City Anniversary in Pinneberg.