Partnership becomes a reality....

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1996 The German-American Society is represented at the Pinneberg Stadtfest with an information booth and T-Shirt sales.

DAGRP's new President Dr. Dr. Klaus Behling and his wife Dr. Sigrid Behling attend RSCC's annual membership meeting.

(Yes, Herr Behling has a double-Doctorate!)

DAGRP President Behling at the info stand


The Pinneberg "Pirates" baseball team travels to Rockville with 20 players and partakes in training and a round-robin tournament.  Rockville Mayor Jim Coyle throws out the first pitch.
DAGRP President Carl-Ullrich Bremer leads a 14-member delegation to Rockville.


Bürgermeister Jan Nevermann, DAGRP President Carl-Ullrich Bremer and DAGRP Directors Renate Raecke and Klaus May await Rockville visitors.

The 10th Anniversary of the German-American Club is celebrated in Pinneberg with visitors from Rockville, who are also treated to a cruise on the Elbe River.


First annual RSCC-sponsored Wine Tasting at the historic Beall-Dawson House in Rockville.

Mayor Doug Duncan, RSCC President Jim Patrician and other RSCC guests visit Pinneberg and attend a gala ball entitled 'Dance In' the Month of May.

Beall-Dawson House


Firemen from Rockville's Stations 31 and 3, led by Fire Chief John Fergusson, have a first-ever official exchange with Pinneberg Fire Chief Uwe Kuhlmann's Volunteer Fire Department.

The Pinneberg Volunteer Fire Department makes a reciprocal visit to Rockville.

The Pinneberg Orchestra "Sinfonietta" performs in Rockville.

The first female Rockville exchange student, Inge Vandrey, attends school in Pinneberg.  Her host family is the Ecks.


Twenty-one tennis players, under the direction of Egon Rust, organize a tennis tournament with players in Rockville - a new first.

Rockville's Public Affairs Officer, Don Vandrey, brings formal greetings from Rockville on the occasion of German Reunification.  On his off-time, he runs the Berlin Marathon....
The sculpture "On Site" is dedicated in Rockville's Welsh Park.  It is the work of Pinneberg artist Gabriele Schmidt-Heins.


Rockville Mayor Doug Duncan and RSCC Director Dick Knorpp attend the funeral of former Pinneberg  Bürgermeister Hans-Hermann Kath.

Rockville Basketballers visit Pinneberg.  The basketball and student exchanges continue in both directions to the present day.

Alexander (L) with his exchange sister and brother, Inge and Derek Vandrey

Alexander Eck spends a year at Richard Montgomery HS as an exchange student

Twelve DAGRP members travel to Rockville to preview a film about Pinneberg and to present the top three entrants in Rockville's "Art in Public Places" competition.


David Patrician becomes the first Rockville exchange student to spend a school semester in Pinneberg (Theodor-Heuss school).  His hosts are the Tempelmann family.

David signs the guestbook at Pinneberg City Hall

Randy Tempelmann becomes the first Pinneberg exchange student to attend Rockville's Richard Montgomery HS.  Her hosts are the Mullican family.

Sixteen swimmers from the Club for Sport in Pinneberg visit Rockville.

Sixteen Rockville students visit Pinneberg.

Pinneberg installs its first street signs showing the Pinneberg-Rockville partnership.

Pinneberg celebrates its first annual German-American Day in the Pinneberg Rathaus.


First annual DAGRP Bicycle Tour is initiated.

Sixteen Johannes Bach School students visit Rockville.

1987 - 30th Anniversary

Rockville teacher Alice Olson leads 15 students to Pinneberg.

Twenty-three Rockville citizens travel to Pinneberg in September to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.  Among them are Mayor Steve VanGrack, former Mayors Dick and Vi Hovsepian, and former Mayor John Freeland.

A Pinneberg delegation of 20+ people, led by Jan Nevermann, visits Rockville to celebrate in October.  The newspaper Pinneberger Tagesblatt sends a delegation of 30 to Rockville.

President Reagan proclaims October 6th to be known as "German-American Day".

Welcome to Hamburg airport

Mayors with Bürgermeister Kath

Mayor VanGrack presents a memento to Bürgermeister Kath

Pinneberg visitors and their hosts - note the relationship to "West" Germany.

Special thanks to Hans Georg Beplat for the purloined photos and information from his exquisite work "Chronik 1957-2007 Pinneberg-Rockville" produced to commemorate the 50th Sister City Anniversary in Pinneberg.