People make it happen....

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The Rockville City Task Force dissolves, and incorporates as the Rockville Sister City Corporation (RSCC), opening membership to those interested in a "People-to-People" relationship in addition to the formal City-City relationship.

Fifteen students and two teachers from Pinneberg's Matthias-Claudius Schule visit Rockville.

Pinneberg artist Günther Thiersch has a week-long exhibit of his paintings in Rockville.


Future Pinneberg Bürgermeister Jan Nevermann visits Rockville, and discusses plans for a 30th Anniversary celebration.

New Sister City Task Force Chairperson, Brigitta Mullican and family visit Pinneberg.

Thirteen students from Richard Montgomery HS, with German Teacher Alice Olson, visit Pinneberg.

Sixteen Pinneberg students from the Johannes Brahms School and their teacher visit Rockville.


DAGRP Board in 1985

The German-American Society Rockville-Pinneberg (DAGRP) is established as an initiative headed by Dr. Hartmut Nolte, its first President (1984-1992).


Detlef Allenberg designs a logo for the Partnership.

Rockville Mayor John Freeland, Marilyn Freeland and her mother, and John Moser visit Pinneberg.


Former Mayor Dickran Hovsepian and his wife Viola visit Pinneberg.

Twenty-two Pinneberg students and two teachers from the Theodor-Heuss Schule visit Rockville for two weeks.

250 rose stocks from Pinneberg are planted at the Rockville Civic Center, another 50 at the Rockville City Hall, as a remembrance of the first German immigrants to America, 300 years prior.


The Rockville Sister City Task Force is formally established; Dickran Hovsepian is its Chairman.

Mayor John Freeland visits Pinneberg a second time, with Cultural Arts Commissioner, John Moser.

Maryland State Senator Frank Shore (L) visits Pinneberg.

Teachers Gaby von Nordheim (Julius West Middle School) and Alice Olson (Richard Montgomery High) visit Pinneberg with three students.

The first official Pinneberg delegation visits Rockville and attends a ceremony at the Reagan White House.


The Rockville city flag is presented to Pinneberg

Rockville Mayor John Freeland, as part of a European vacation, stops in to visit Pinneberg.  His desire is to reactivate the long-moribund Sister City relationship.

Fourteen students from the Johannes Brahms School in Pinneberg, with City Councilman Rufin Teichmann, visit Rockville.


Waiting for the right moment....

Special thanks to Hans-Georg Beplat for the purloined photos and information from his exquisite work "Chronik 1957-2007 Pinneberg-Rockville" produced to commemorate the 50th Sister City Anniversary in Pinneberg.