Beginning the Pinneberg-Rockville relationship

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The relationship, for unknown reasons, becomes dormant....


Pinneberg receives 37 air-mail packages with 587 kg (1295 lbs) of clothes from Rockville, destined for homeless inhabitants of storm-flooded Pinneberg and surroundings.


Mr. Roger Farquhar, editor of the Montgomery County Sentinel, visits Pinneberg.

Rockville students Mary White (16) and Donna Lower (17) are guests of the Dr. Schütze and Dr. Schubert families for an eight-week sojourn in Pinneberg.

Herr Jürgen Ziegler, now an ardent DAGRP-RSCC supporter and former Principal of the German School in Potomac, attends a student conference in Washington, DC and mentions to his host family in Silver Spring, MD that, as far as he knows, his home town of Pinneberg has a sister city relationship with a town called "Rockville".  He spends his first Thanksgiving in America with Rockville Mayor Alexander Greene and family.


US General Counsel Bailey presents Pinneberg an oil painting with a Rockville motif by Rockville artist Vilma King.

1958 - Bürgermeister Glissmann Visits Rockville

Invitation to the welcoming ceremony

Mayor Glissmann (center) and (to his right) Mayor Hovsepian attend a ceremony at a new shopping center.

Bürgermeister Glissmann places a wreath in remembrance of Memorial Day, a gesture of friendship that continues today.

Pinneberg presented Rockville with 210 rose plants during his visit.

1957 - The Rockville-Pinneberg Partnership Begins

Mayors Henry Glissmann (L) and Dickran Hovsepian, Founding Fathers of the Pinneberg-Rockville Sister City relationship

The official Rockville Sister City Resolution

The official Pinneberg Proclamation

Special thanks to Hans Georg Beplat for the purloined photos and information from his exquisite work "Chronik 1957-2007 Pinneberg-Rockville" produced to commemorate the 50th Sister City Anniversary in Pinneberg.