RSCC Overview

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A sister city relationship is formed when the people of a city in the United States and the people of a foreign community agree to share common goals - to learn about each other and develop lasting and meaningful exchanges.

Affiliations between cities in the United States and other countries began shortly after 1945. The national focus was realized in 1956 by the People-to-People program initiated by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Sister Cities International, incorporated in 1957, grew out of the People-to-People program. This organization is dedicated to providing the catalyst assisting the formation of new relationships, and acting as coordinator for communities to develop and further their sister city relationships. By 1996, Sister Cities International has assisted millions of people in more than 1,100 cities and towns across the United States in establishing links with over 2,000 communities in over 120 nations of the world.


We are a non-profit, international, people-to-people organization, affiliated with Sister Cities International. Our organization is dedicated to forming new and lasting relationships with the citizens of our sister city, Pinneberg, Germany. Through this friendship we are learning about each other's culture, language, government, schools, and home life.

Incorporated in 1987, the Rockville Sister City Corporation was formed to plan and support exchange programs and other intercultural activities between Rockville and Pinneberg. A board of directors meets each month. A newsletter is published periodically detailing ongoing corporation activities. Social events for all members are scheduled quarterly, including the annual meeting on the fourth Tuesday in September.

Membership is open to any individual, family, or corporation.  Memberships are valid for the calendar year. You can sign up here.

Sister City members come from many backgrounds, but we share a common interest in making our world a little smaller, a little friendlier, and a little more understanding through partnership with a similar city in another country. We also enjoy getting to know our own neighbors who share this interest and working together on projects to support our exchange programs.

If you enjoy international travel, hosting foreign guests in your home, helping high school students realize the dream of a trip to another country, and meeting other people with similar interests, Sister Cities is for you!

For More Information...

about the Sister City program, write to:

Rockville Sister City Corporation
Rockville City Hall
111 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850-2364.

or call the Rockville Sister City Hotline at
(240) 314-5029