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(Updated: March 11, 2015)

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60th Anniversary - 2017 !

For an amazing 58 years Pinneberg and Rockville have maintained a meaningful and intense friendship.  The initiators were former mayors Henry Glissmann (SPD) and Dickran Hovsepian.  The German-American Society Rockville-Pinneberg, founded in 1984, is under the leadership of Bernd Hinrichs since 2007.  The Pinneberg City leadership has dedicated a Rockville Room at City Hall.  The corresponding organization in Rockville was founded in 1983 under the name of Rockville Sister City Corporation.

WELCOME !  WILLKOMMEN !  欢迎 ! (huān yíng)

This is the official site of the Rockville Sister City Corporation (RSCC) in Rockville, Maryland, representing a long-standing relationship between the people of Rockville, Maryland, and the people of Pinneberg, Germany.
The relationship was established in 1957.

Rockville is also in the process of developing a Friendship Relationship with the city of Jiaxing, China.

FOR 2015


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News was received from Pinneberg that RSCC’s and DAGRP’s dear friend, Ingeborg Kath, passed away in late January.  Inge was the widow of former Pinneberg Mayor (1963 -1990) Hans-Hermann Kath, and was a devoted supporter of the Pinneberg-Rockville partnership.  Numerous Rockvillians enjoyed and benefitted from her hospitality over the years.  We shall miss her.  http://trauer.shz.de/traueranzeige/ingeborg/40666027

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FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Plan something special to mark the start of spring!  Taste six different wines in a magnificent setting.  Begin a weekend with the pleasure of wine and conversation accompanied by soft music at Glenview Mansion -- Rockville’s own Downton Abbey -- where fancy dress is optional.

Wine served with hors d’oeuvres, fruit, and pastries

$25 contribution for reservations received by April 9

$30 contribution for tickets purchased at the door

Thank you for your support of the Rockville Sister City Corporation!

In response to the enthusiastic reaction to the performance given by Seasharp Music Studio at the dinner for visiting Jiaxing officials in November,  RSCC has invited Seasharp to provide background music for guests at this event.

Chinese New Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year (Year of the Goat) began on Thursday, February 19, 2015.

RSCC Director Bing Huang was at Lakeforest Mall to show his Chinese calligraphy skills.

He was also at Rockville's Lunar New Year Celebration at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater on February 28th.

Here are a few photos of Bing in action, as well as some photos from Lakeforest Mall.

Playing the traditional Erhu

RSCC Presence at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater

RSCC's display

Bing Huang and John Lin

"Three Little Maids From School Are We..."

"The City of Rockville celebrated Lunar New Year on Feb. 28, 2015 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre.  This free event featured multi-generational performances, colorful and traditional displays, activities and samples of Asian cuisine.  Rockville 11 brings you the entire performance."


Rockville "Hometown Holidays" Coming in May

23-24 (Sat-Sun) -  RSCC will man the beer tent!  We ask members to volunteer (click here) for an hour or two!  This is one of RSCC's major fund-raising events of the year - and we need your help, please!

25th - Memorial Day Parade - Come march with fellow members!  Help decorate our parade truck!  Be part of the city-wide activity!



Again this summer, thanks to the generous support of the Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation, Bethesda Big Train Baseball will showcase the extraordinary nonprofits of Montgomery County.  Big Train Baseball (now a program of BCC Baseball) will honor two nonprofits at each of the 22 home baseball games of the Bethesda Big Train to be played at Shirley Povich Field this summer.  For more information about Big Train Baseball, including the schedule and directions to the field, please log onto http://www.bigtrain.org/.  Povich Field is located in Cabin John Regional Park near Westfield Montgomery.

The RSCC Board has selected the game for Friday June 26 (v. Gaithersburg Giants).  We will have a booth to be manned for the game and up to 100 FREE tickets available.  Join us for an evening of volunteering and America’s favorite pastime.  More details coming.  Watch this website!

Pinneberg Students Discuss Trip to Rockville

Before the annual meeting of the German-American Society Rockville Pinneberg [DAGRP] started, four students of Theodor Heuss school had their say.  Merle Szimkowski, Hermann Siebel, Benita Thiel and Anneke Sellmann reported together with teacher Oliver Grosscurth on their trip to Rockville.

Siebel reported of a friendly welcome at the 3000-student American high school [Wootton] and the host families.  "I had a whole floor for me," he said, and also praised the "drivers", the host parents.  After the 14-day stay, it was clear changes were felt: "I think my English has improved.  My English teacher thinks that too."  Especially memorable to Benita Thiel was a roadblock in Washington, where the group was stopped by police.  Minutes later darkened limousines rushed past, including a police escort.

"We cannot prove it, but we are sure that we saw Obama," said the Heuss-student.  In the Rockville Room of [Pinneberg's] Town Hall is a similar photo of a sedan with a waving US flag and Presidential Seal on the driver's door.  In addition to attractions such as the Capitol, the White House or the Statue of Liberty during a trip to New York, Merle Szimkowski was intrigued by something else: "It was nice to see the daily life of the people and not just tourist attractions."  Sellmann brought the opinion of the students to the point: "That was one of the greatest experiences I've had in my young life and we want to once again thank you, that you made it possible."  Many contacts with host families are still intact - and the anticipation on a return visit [from Rockville students] was great.  In July, six to ten students and two teachers [from Rockville] are expected in Pinneberg.

"It's good to hear something like that.  This is an endorsement of our work, when it has such a positive impact," said Bernd Hinrichs, president of the German-American Society Rockville Pinneberg."

...There were 158 members in DAGRP at the end of 2014.  "There are 61 couples and 37 individuals.  The male to female ratio was, as usual, almost balanced with 81 to 80," Treasurer Hans-Dietmar Bethke said.  He resigned his position [as Treasurer] after twelve years.  [B]ut he was re-elected by the Society's members as a Board Director to supervise the website.  Felicity Lawrence was elected as the new Treasurer.  Vice-President Margrit Ziegler was also confirmed in office as were Directors Birgit Drechsler and Michael Patt.

- Thanks to our friend Herbert Hoffman in Pinneberg for this Pinneberger Tageblatt article

In 2017, on the 60th anniversary of the "twinning", two trips are planned - one from Rockville to Pinneberg and a reciprocal visit from Pinneberg to Rockville.   We hope RSCC members start planning now to travel or host on one (or both) of these wonderful adult exchanges.

Want to become a Director of the RSCC Board?

The City of Rockville still has vacancies to fill on the RSCC Board.  If you would like to become involved in the activities and operations of RSCC, call President Brigitta Mullican at 301-230-0890 for more details.  We gladly seek your recommendations and ideas; put them into action by becoming a Director!

Our Sister City - Pinneberg

Our Friendship City - Jiaxing

Photo Sale!

Photos from the recent Pinneberg Fotokreis exhibit at the Rockville Senior Center during October 2013 were generously offered to the Rockville Sister City Corporation by our friends in Pinneberg for sale to enthusiasts and those who appreciate fine photography.

Each photo is matted and ready for framing - a fine addition to your living room or den - and your purchase is fully tax-deductible as a donation to Rockville Sister City Corporation (a 501(c)(3) entity).

All photos are approximately 15-1/2 x 11-1/2 inches; matted at ~ 20 x 16 inches

For pricing and more details, please click here

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Paid members of RSCC are eligible for a discounted annual rate of $17.95 (vs regular subscription rate for one year - 6 issues - of $24.95) when subscribing to German Life Magazine.  Here is the form you should use:

German Life is a high-quality, highly interesting magazine about life and culture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  We hope you will take advantage of this extraordinary offer, as part of your membership in the Rockville Sister City Corporation.

For a preview of German Life magazine go here:  http://GermanLife.com

Travel and Hosting Opportunities

Rockville residents are urged to include Pinneberg on their itinerary whenever traveling in Europe. The Rockville Sister City relationship is very well known in Pinneberg, and you are bound to receive a special welcome when you mention Rockville.

Frequently, students and other visitors from Pinneberg seek short-term accommodations in Rockville.  Residents who are interested in hosting visitors from our Sister City Pinneberg or our Friendship City Jiaxing are encouraged to volunteer.

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To find out more about the Rockville Sister City Corporation, please contact

Rockville Sister City Corporation
Rockville City Hall
111 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD  20850-2364

or  RSCC Information Line at (240) 314-5029
or  Brigitta Mullican (RSCC President) at (301) 230-0890
or  via E-mail: RockvilleSisterCities@gmail.com

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